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This news came out, instantly became the focus of attention in the industry: according to industry estimates, these three groups of machines if you are debugging is successful, production will reach a staggering 600,000 meters. As a result, hongxing Vodenka shoes will become the largest producer of hot-melt film in Fujian. At the Everest base camp waiting for the peak of the Chinese mountaineering team, one member of the group is a family-day Polar Explorer Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) with 5 mountaineering enthusiasts formed, Liang Lifang belongs to climb Everest again. It is reported that on May 17, 2013, Liang Lifang impact camp successful climb to Mount Everest 8400 meters above sea level, and intends on May 18 peak Mount Everest. But because of the humanitarian relief, opportunities for all members of the Group b Summit where Liang Lifang, giving way to life rescue, so missed the top opportunities. In 2014, the family working together again Liang Lifang climbing Everest, Pinnacle continuation of unfinished dreams, as well as family days branding the sacred mission entrusted "with China's vast mountains ascend to ascend to Qomolangma's 60 anniversary of the blessing to mankind." Journalist Liang Lifang was made by telephone when a time lag in the mood, she says: "my mood is calmer, the rest of the team is the same. Mountaineering in addition to excellent   new balance 373 womens equipment, enhanced fitness training professional and accurate route planning, learning mountaineering techniques, as well as outside the confidence, the most important thing is to have a good weather period, to stand in the ' Summit of the world's highest peak '8848 m. We now, ready for admission to the top of the peaks. ”

End Liang Lifang in a telephone interview, reporter then micro-circle of friends to see the determination of Liang Lifang adhere to the dream of sharing---"ego, because you value" and upload a photo overlooking the Everest. Perhaps, Liang Lifang at the moment of looking, and Lily: "the goddess of my heart, please allow us to climb, and for our safe return! "She insisted that reinforce a brand of outdoor family day culture" challenges of life, stick to your dreams ", perhaps this  new balance 580 womens was Liang Lifang" ahead and "mental stimulation. Independent comments people post that the footwear industry, sports clothes for people either before, or in casual clothes, can now choose from more than 10 species. If your product is not featured, easily leads to excess, sporting goods business this is the case. Throughout the apparel industry now vanishing brand and not unusual. Being in a stage of saturation of local sports brands, has entered a period of adjustment. In this process, some brands will disappear, some brands, after Nirvana Phoenix reborn, after ebb tide much of the market share will be held in the hands of a handful of companies. Relying on fast-spreading mode of development of local sports brands, probably did not think of this model came quickly in the ceiling. It's not, since in recent times put on cabbage, shut the tide turns. Meanwhile, local sports brands score sheets are produced dismal performance last year, have also became the mall's "outcast". One time, China sporting goods industry collapse on the credence.

Nike to do motion capture test is the first thing. The old saw, woman makes herself her lover. Woman is particularly harsh for the pursuit of beauty, "there is no ugly woman, only lazy women" under the golden rule, wait for us to smoke! From tip to heel armed ourselves up, shoes became a finale a loop, even substituted fine, slipper but also impeccable. Beautiful over all concept, bear slippers are way more than "comfortable", and has become an important part of styling. Pink color spell into a flower shape, let spring bloom beneath their feet all year. Since XU Hao Ying will thick-soled platform shoes to wear out after a tidal range of, thick-soled shoes were the street girls row styling choice, chunks of shining rhinestone covered uppers, a shiny silver fashion, increase in n scale. Moderate thickness soles, wide strap on the instep played very good fixation, the Rainbow is not only eye, could properly resolve the width also bring heavy feeling, pain in big toe flowers very lovely. A great slippers must be both beautiful and comfortable, if you ignored them because the pursuit of beautiful and comfortable, then departed from the "slipper" one of the points of this slipper style is simple, and not much can be said of the highlights, but the sole natural pebbles can play a very positive role as a foot massage, it is worth starting.

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